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    Post by #cff00ff00aYah on Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:02 am

    Real Name: jayralyn acedo
    In-Game Name: -=ayah=-
    Section to moderate: Game Master
    Age: 20
    Valid Email Adress: o

    1. Why are you qualified for the position you are applying?
    - I can make all enjoy and i will do what is right in game and i can make all players is responsible to onther players and co-staff

    2. What do you know in this position?
    -In game i can manage if what happen and any question of the player and i will do my best for it

    5. Do you have experience for this position?
    - NO

    3. What make you better than other applicants?
    -I am 95% fair to players but i can make sure to 100%. because I'm a real and I'm a perfect to each other absolutely 100%

    4. What do you think you'll do after we hire you?
    -I can serve the player what as a real staff in game and i can serve as a 50% to players and other playersno 60% or anything else.

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