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    [Guide] Ads Remover

    [Forum Admin]Soles
    [Forum Admin]Soles
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    [Guide] Ads Remover Empty [Guide] Ads Remover

    Post by [Forum Admin]Soles on Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:11 am

    For Google Chrome Users:

    Go to this site:

    [Guide] Ads Remover 10fnmdx

    After downloading.

    A box will pop out.

    Press Install.

    After Installing, restart your chrome.

    This must clear ALL ads when you are using Google Chrome.

    For Mozila Firefox Users:

    Go to:

    Click Install as said on the first picture above.

    If it ask you this "Firefox prevented this site ( from asking you to install software on your computer." Press ALLOW.

    Box will pop out.

    Press INSTALL.

    Wait for it to finish.

    It will say that you must RESTART FIREFOX.

    Follow it.

    Check if you are having problems with the ads.


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    [Guide] Ads Remover Empty Re: [Guide] Ads Remover

    Post by EcahHugo on Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:26 pm

    This will be very Helpful! thanks for guide. Thumbs Up!


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