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    Alpha Ran Chronicles is now UP!

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    Alpha Ran Chronicles is now UP! Empty Alpha Ran Chronicles is now UP!

    Post by [Forum Admin]Soles on Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:20 pm

    Greetings ARC Players,

    Welcome to the Official Forum of our Game Server, AlphaRanChronicles.

    You can now download our Game.







    After downloading all the parts.
    Right click the part1. Click "EXTRACT HERE" button.
    It will automatically extract ALL the parts.

    Any problems occur, you can post it in Technical Problems Section:
    Any bugs happen in-game or in-forum, you can post it in Bug Problems Section:

    We hope that you'll follow the Rules of the server!

    You can also add me in YM. arc_fa_soles

    Enjoy your stay!
    Enjoy Gaming!

    [Forum Admin] Soles

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