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    Game Master Application Form

    Little Hooligan

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    Game Master Application Form Empty Game Master Application Form

    Post by rynon on Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:20 am

    Real Name: Rynon Ramos
    In-Game Name: -PSG-1- , Hatred and -`IntenseBlade`-
    Section to moderate: Game Master
    Valid Email Address:

    1. Why are you qualified for the position you are applying? I am
    qualified for the position I'm applying because I can play every day it
    means I am active. I can help people who is new in the server and make
    them enjoy playing the game. I can tell if people are scamming or hacking.

    2. What do you know in this
    position? To be honest I don't have any clue about this position, but i
    think its like being the leader of others and protecting the server from
    hackers/scammers. and like you can host event so many people wont be
    bored and have more fun. Game Master Application Form Blank

    5. Do you have experience for this position? Not really, but I've tried an GM account in other game. Like GunZ.

    3. What make you better than other applicants? I am better than other
    applicants by my skills in communication , I am good to all people and i
    think this is the thing i will do.

    4. What do you think you'll do after we hire you?
    Do my best to improve the game. Invite more people to join the server
    and Do all my best to help, teach and give advice to the newbies.

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    Game Master Application Form Empty Re: Game Master Application Form

    Post by lilbotchokoy2 on Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:10 am

    Nice Rynon.. hahahah Good Luck... ^^



    afro lol! afro


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