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    General Rules

    [Forum Admin]Soles
    [Forum Admin]Soles
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    General Rules Empty General Rules

    Post by [Forum Admin]Soles on Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:09 am

    These are the rules that must be applied in ALL section of the forum.

    Username Rules:
    All Username with Special Character such as
     ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) < > , . ? | " ' : ; [ ] } { = + ~  ` and SPACE
    will be warned and contacted. And it will be edited after few days.

    Mild Rules:
    1. No FLAMING in any section of the forum. Respect your co-forumers inside this forum.
    2. No SPAM is allowed in this forum. We must maintain cleanliness in every section of the forum.
    3. Keep your Adult 18+ images/videos/etc. Keep this forum a child-friendly.
    4. Respect ANY of the STAFF. Any disrespect that you did with the staff will be an automatically ban here in forum.
    5. Usernames must be in its proper way. Any improper usernames will be deleted.

    Violators of this rules with 3rd OFFENSE will be automatically banned.

    Heavy Rules:

    1. Never FLAME the Game, Sever, and the Forum.
    2. Any ADVERTISING in this forum will be disallowed.
    3. Any USAGE of 3rd party applications or any hacks like AutoPots is not allowed here.
    4. Abusing BUGs in the server will ban you in GAME and FORUM.
    5. No one is allowed to IMPERSONATE other member/player specially STAFFS.

    Violators of this rules with 1st OFFENSE will be automatically banned.

    Posting Rules:
    1. Follow the rules in every section of this forum specially its title.
    2. Any edited (cropped, censored, blurring, pixelating) SCREENSHOTs will be ignored.
    3. Upload your images/videos in any Image-Hosting sites such as Photobucket, ImageShack, TinyPic, etc.
    4. Study your post, think first before posting. Post your topic in its right section.

    This forum rules should and must be followed.

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